Laser Services

What can we do with the laser?

The Spectrum Laser from Rohrer brings 5 new technologies to our practice at Refreshingly New!

Read the brief over view below, and then book your consult to discuss the right option for you!

·    Laser Hair Reduction

·    Laser Tattoo Reduction

·    Laser Vein Reduction

·    Intense Pulse Light (IPL) photofacial

·    Laser Resurfacing with Erbium

Laser Hair Reduction

At Refreshingly New, we use a diode laser, the gold standard for hair removal, enabling safe and effective treatment of all skin and hair types in all body areas. The absorbed light heats the hair, which damages and destroys the regrowth potential of the follicle – all without damaging surrounding tissue.

Many patients experience less pain during their treatments compared to other types of lasers. Since the hair follicle must be in active growth to be affected by the laser, sessions must be staggered over months, ensuring the destruction of as many follicles as possible.    Your session length will depend on the number of areas being treated.   

Combine areas to receive additional discounts!

Laser Tattoo Reduction

We all make mistakes! Let us help correct yours with tattoo removal! The providers at Beautiphi have been certified in all laser procedures so that these can be performed and correctly. In the hands of a poorly trained individual, lasers can be painful, ineffective, or even dangerous.

This treatment is performed over several sessions with lightening expected after each treatment. The laser does best with professional tattoos with black or blue color, and is less effective with red or yellow pigment.

Laser Vascular Removal and Reduction

If you have broken capillaries, rosacea, cherry angiomas, unsightly facial veins, or small spider veins on your legs... this treatment is for you!

Treatments can be performed quickly and without bruising. The laser light is delivered through the skin and targets the blood vessels. After heating, the vein walls collapse and seal shut. The sealed vein is then broken down and absorbed by the body.

In addition to spider veins, this setting can also address various vascular lesions. It is important to note that this treatment works best for smaller veins of 3mm or less. This device can treat various colored veins, but most effective for treating red veins. It will take approximately 3 – 5 sessions for them to disappear for blue, purple, and darker-colored veins.

Greying of the treated skin is normal after the procedure, but does not require 'social downtime.'

Acne Reduction with IPL

IPL technology provides safe, effective, fast-acting treatment to reduce mild to moderate acne. The Intense Pulsed Light destroys the bacteria present in acne while inhibiting future breakouts. The IPL also coagulates scar tissue, refining pores and improving skin texture.

Treatments can significantly improve acne, often eliminating or reducing the need for acne medications.

Healing time is minimal, infection risk is eliminated, and patients feel little to no pain.

Pigment Reduction with IPL

All of us would like to improve the appearance of our skin and slow down the signs of aging. IPL, or Intense Pulse Light technology, is FDA approved to treat hyperpigmentation (age spots and freckles).

Photofacial treatments also improve the appearance of sun-damaged skin by reducing fine lines and wrinkles. Skin rejuvenation treatments gently deliver non-ablative laser light to restore the skin's youthful appearance.

The most common areas treated are the face, neck, chest, and hands.

''Social downtime' is not required after this procedure. Flaking of pigment is normal for 1-2 weeks.

Laser Skin Resurfacing with Erbium

The Erbium Yag Laser uses an invasive approach for treating superficial wrinkles and sun damage. The top layer of tissue is dusted off or ablated. Heat is then utilized on the dermal tissue to stimulate collagen realignment.

Expect 5-10 days 'social downtime' following the procedure.

All Laser Services require a mandatory in office consult before booking.

Who Should Receive The Rohrer Spectrum Laser Treatments?

A lot of people are qualified to receive spectrum laser treatments.

However, the following are NOT good candidates for spectrum laser treatment, which include:

Pregnant women

Have significantly tan skin

Have severe acne or dermatologic conditions

Those who are taking certain acne medication

Nonetheless, the specialists will examine the skin type and tone and advise whether this treatment suits best.

How Long Does it Take For Results To Show?

Spectrum laser treatments are minimally invasive, and results are almost immediate. Following the first treatment session, improvements are already noticeable. However, the desired results may be achieved within 2 – 4 weeks or after the 4th treatment session. Results typically continue to refine within the weeks following the treatment cycle.

How Is Recovery After Spectrum Laser Treatment?

Spectrum laser plastic procedures have minimal downtime and few side effects. However, it is essential to note that some patients may experience swelling and a certain degree of skin irritation. In that case, avoiding sunlight exposure before and after the laser treatment is best. Also, use sunscreen to protect the treatment areas and promote healing.

The Bottom Line

Rohrer Spectrum Laser is a revolutionary new treatment that uses non-invasive technology to help achieve the needs of minimal downtime.
Ultimately, the Rohrer Spectrum Laser has been tested and proven safe and has earned the FDA’s approval for use on cosmetic issues.


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